Monday, August 8, 2011

Some news for your skin!

Okay! These are some new products I'm loving!
 I first found out about Colbert MD (the first 3 products) through Instyle, they tracked down Catherine Middleton's skin secret and this is it! She first found out about it after visiting Sienna Miller in her dressing room at a play, and now people have been asking for "the princess serum". Which was the first product I purchased and they sent an eye cream sampler and I absolutely loved it and order it along with the Facial disc's that I used for the first time tonight and LOVE. I hope you check it out - I ordered it online, they seem to be only in NY.

The Estee Lauder products, are new to me - but I'm really loving them. Especially the Eye cooling cream, once you apply the cream with the applicator their is a total cooling effect! It's awesome and it gives off a highlighting quality along with the face cream.  You can get this at your nearest department store that carries Estee Lauder.

And last but not least, the Nickel cream which I found on Amazon for about $27 is amazing. You get such a wake-up call from this cream, good for long's! It's a natural wheat and soybean based product and well it's got all sorts of good stuff to help plump your under eyes, and prevent circles and bags! I love these products and you should try them! 

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