Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Perfect Book for the Holiday Season!

tuscan melon filled with raspberries and red wine syrup
four-plus pounds of truffles

faux escargot pastry swirls in a garden trowel

al fresco feast in a wine-crate hamper

strawberry shortcake trifle

cardamon coffee can cake

amaretti cookie clone

mixed berry ice pops

herb-stuffed eggs in a wheat grass nest

This book is great if you love giving gifts that are homemade and are from the heart. Not only does it have great recipes it also gives instructions on wrapping them. It's easy to pick and choose what recipes you can and want to make with info on prep, level of difficulty, and cost. They have recipes for all different occasions, it's such a good book for the crafters.  I gave an example above with the mango and tomatillo salsa, how it's presented, such pretty pictures and easy instructions. This recipe would be a great house warming present or a gift for someone hosting dinner. This book is coming to book stores near you at end of October, it would be a great gift too. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Doc Marten's....How to wear them, since there back!

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law... Doc Marten's have already come full circle! I use to wear them in grad school... I still love them though, and they've come back in about every color you can imagine, stripes, polka dots,leopard, neon. As a good friend of mine would recommend, they do need a bit of breakin' in... although you can purchase them already worn in.  I really think they go with everything, you can wear them with feminine dresses to add a little edge, or with tights, skinny jeans, boot-cut, some tall socks with a skirt or shorts! I recommend getting a pair, and saving them for your kids, cause they'll prolly come back around again! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clothes, clothes everywhere...

So now and days I feel like there is no reason to have badly dressed kids! There are so many options out there, at affordable prices. I tend to simplify with the little ones, instead of picking the loud shirts that a lot of companies make for kids, with writing all over them and huge pictures, which kinda turn me off. I try and find things everywhere from JCPenny'sZara, H &M, Gap, they all have cute stuff you just have to find them. Even carter's and Children's Place have good things. I find it fun to dress the little boogers up, so happy hunting!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rag & BONE!

These are my new favorite jeans! They fit like a dream. They have great styles and washes. It's hard to tell in photos, so if you get a chance try them on, you'll love'em. They come from the designers Marcus Wainwright & David Neville, who make up Rag & Bone who have a great high end collection of men and women's clothing, shoes and accessories. What's nice is their jean prices are similar to all the other competitors. You can find them on their website, or Intermix has a great selection or Saks, Nordstoms... 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

EVOZ - the new baby monitor!

This baby monitor works with your smartphone (right now I think they only run on iphones), they're no range limits, like the normal monitors, as long as you get service I guess... You can also get the data on how much your baby's crying and sleeping which can help you figure out how to improve it. What you need: 2 iphones/ipad/ipod, one for the baby's room connected to WIFI and one for the parent that can run on WIFI or 3G, but they also have a monitor you can purchase if you don't have 2 iphones or if you don't have WIFI at your house. I think this is awesome for busy parents! Check it out on Evoz