Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Best Curling Iron

HOLY CURLING IRON! I just got mine in the mail today and tested a few pieces of hair while my son was taking a nap.... And this curling iron is AMAZING! So it is called THE BEACHWAVER and it makes the most awesome beach waves but the awesome thing about this curling iron is it does the hard work for you. It curls your hair with a touch of a button! The website has great how-to videos but it's pretty easy to understand. You have a left and right button depending on which side of your head your working on and you clip your hair and it rolls it up, so fast and so simple for us hair impaired or moms that want a quick way to make beautiful curls fast. 
They also have an impressive little hair product called THE WRAP-UP that makes buns a piece of cake. I have tried the sock bun and my hair is too long, it was just really hard for me to do and figure out... This product made it super simple and makes the same bun. You can do a low or high bun. If you purchase these products you won't regret it, and also watch the videos they're short and make it easy to understand. Check out her website Sarah Potempa


  1. I love curling my hair with a curling iron! I have a Karmin clipless myself, really a wonderful tool. Congrats on your new iron!

  2. Thank you for the info, I love curling irons too, I use the Karmin G3 Clipless too and it works pretty good and makes long lasting curls. :D

  3. I have information about <Latest curling Iron Just want to inform you extra heated curling iron not good for your beautiful hairs

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