Sunday, December 4, 2011

some of my favorites...

So some of my new favorites are Eve Lom Cleanser, its a great product, sometimes I get bad break outs and it really cleans the face well. It comes with a cloth and you wash your face with hot water, which opens your pores, and wipe away the face cleanser with the cloth, and then at the end with cold water, that seals up your pores! I really love it! 
My other favorite is Guerlain Midnight Secret, it's great! It is a late night recovery treatment and it's a good product, I think too put on every night, but if you feel you go out a lot and don't treat your face good this really replenishes it! I really do wake up and think my face looks good... or as good as it can!
An the last favorite that I'm sure a lot of people use is a good tailor! 
I never tried one before and if something didn't fit that well, I'd wear it and not feel good in it our never wear it. So I recently decided to see if a tailor could fix a cute pair of pants that I got, that could be taken in in a few places. And it's genius! The pants turned out great, and now I take anything to a tailor that doesn't fit exactly the way I want it to. And most times its only $15 bucks, depends on fabric and how much your tailoring. I would try out a local place, the best is always to go with a good recommendation, but I just found a random place and I've been going back ever since! 

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