Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Styling Job

I accomplished my first styling job, after wanting to do it many times just never getting around to it. Thanks to my sister to pushing me to do it and taking the amazing photos! My sister Cheyenne is an amazing photographer that's just getting too busy, my son's not a fan of that! Haha. We also had the lovely and talented Paisley as the model who is absolutely gorgeous and did an amazing job. And we had an awesome hair and make-up girl Erika who made it all come together... It was a great girls day getting dressed up and playing together. 
Oh and these are all my clothes... Why don't I where these outfits to the market... ha.


  1. OMG OMG OMG you go girl
    The photos, your picks, every single thing on your shoot was adorable T. Amazing Job & I love the fact that these are ALL your own clothes, as well. Ha ha ha! You rock kid. I would love to see you do some more of these, you are so good at it.


    Can I hire you to pick me out 3 outfits? shoes to

  2. Tawny, you're amazing. Do not stop styling! I LOVE the choice of props. So impressed. Get it Mama <3