Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Art Site

So this is another art website, that I have recently found that I love! I think these art websites are great because having kids you don't always get to go to art show's or if you take them with you, this is the result! ha, well this is my little one at my sister, who is an amazing photographer, Cheyenne's art show also in the art show another favorite photographer of mine Kevin Zacher (pictures below). Exhibition A is a members-only website (anyone can join), it sells exclusive editions of artwork by top contemporary artist, but they work with the artist to create editions of their work that you can afford. I bought the "castles in the sky" the skeleton headdress print, it's beautiful. If you like art you should check this website out!

The ARTIST and Kodiak

Aunt Cheyenne teaching Kodiak about ART.

he's a ladies man...random chicks he met...

and he's done..

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  1. great post, interesting and funny . . . love it.