Sunday, July 24, 2011

A step up from sending flowers...

Electric Love Rings  $21

Lafco Eau d'Italie Splash Cologne  $100

Modern Playhouse  $19.99

The Garden Book  $45

Surfing Photographs from the Seventies  $40

Kor Water Bottles  $29.95

Forget Muffin and Cookies Office Basket  $ 75  and up

Another great basket $ 155

So my lovely sister Cheyenne turned me onto this website/store that is awesome, they have a location in Hollywood and a new store in Santa Monica, Ca. It's pretty awesome that they deliver in LA and ship anywhere because they have so many great unique items that you can make into a basket. I put up some good finds that I thought were cool, but they literally have something for a kid to your grandma. They also have very creative baskets for an office too. I think it's fantastic for a present as a thank you, or for a relatives birthday or for a new baby, I think this website helps you make it more personable, especially when you call them and put together your own basket. I hope you check out Venokado.

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