Monday, July 18, 2011

Some beauty products and tips...

No7 is the best-selling UK import, its available at Target and it is a great anti-aging serum.... Which you can never use too early, especially with all my previous sun damage... or just massive laying out as a teenager. It only cost around $23 bucks. 

Egyptian Magic is a great product, especially if you have dry skin.  My favorite use for it is to put it on my eyes (top and bottom) before I go to bed... I heard a while ago to put Vaseline on your eyes at night to keep them super hydrated, well I upgraded to Egyptian Magic which you can get at Amazon and it works wonders.

Okay so this is something I always saw in my grandma's drawer... so it's been around for a while (love you grandma) but I recently started using it to set my concealer.. You apply it after your concealer so it stays in place and isn't shiny and brings attention to your bags.. or mine. But you can use it as a powder, either way it's great and you can get it at Walgreens, or CVS... its gonna cost you about $7 bucks!

So this is Awesome! This is Jose Maran's Illuminizer, I use this everyday and I add a little to my tinted moisturizer to give me that glow, that I need... I'm not into the matte look for foundation, to me it looks like you have make-up on... which my husband says he likes me better with none... yea right, they just don't know... it helps- or atleast makes me think it does. You can find this at Sephora.

And my last little tip is to try and put a powder black, brown, blue, any color eye liner the closest you can get to your eyeball, I'm talking that lid right under your eye lashes... You can put it just on top or on top and bottom for a more dramatic effect. I don't like to wear mascara often because it flakes on me, so I pretty much, everyday put eyeliner on and it gives my eyes that POP!

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