Friday, January 27, 2012


This is an awesome website Wantful. They have created a uniqueness to gift giving.  The deal is you go on the website and start to create a gift for whoever your looking for wife, brother, friend, etc. and then go on to answer questions about the person so they can match up gift ideas for them. Then you can select whatever items you think the person would want or you can let the website pick for you, and the items can range anywhere from $30 - $500 ... You get to pick 14 items that they get to choose from... on their own, so they can get what they really want ...from what you choose for them. haha. I think it's awesome because that way your not wasting money buying a gift someone wouldn't really use or want.. And if they don't want any of the items they can donate it to charities. I dig this idea. Happy spending. 

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