Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Perfect Book for the Holiday Season!

tuscan melon filled with raspberries and red wine syrup
four-plus pounds of truffles

faux escargot pastry swirls in a garden trowel

al fresco feast in a wine-crate hamper

strawberry shortcake trifle

cardamon coffee can cake

amaretti cookie clone

mixed berry ice pops

herb-stuffed eggs in a wheat grass nest

This book is great if you love giving gifts that are homemade and are from the heart. Not only does it have great recipes it also gives instructions on wrapping them. It's easy to pick and choose what recipes you can and want to make with info on prep, level of difficulty, and cost. They have recipes for all different occasions, it's such a good book for the crafters.  I gave an example above with the mango and tomatillo salsa, how it's presented, such pretty pictures and easy instructions. This recipe would be a great house warming present or a gift for someone hosting dinner. This book is coming to book stores near you at end of October, it would be a great gift too. 

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